5 Engaging ideas for opt-in emails

Quality over quantity remains important, like all other online content when we talk about copy…

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Top 10 trends ebook and Free Video Training

This is launching today. It’s actually very similar to the previous one but this one links to a Top 10 Trends Document you can download. I love this. It’s so inspiring and has changed the course of what I’m doing over the last 6 months.

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Free Funnel Marketing Book – until Midnight tonight!

Check out this new book from Russell Brunson. It’s free plus shipping but he’s just announced that it is completely free until midnight tonight as you get the shipping refunded. Click above to buy the book. Just let me know when you’ve bought it and I can ensure you get your shipping back!

Should you ditch your elevator pitch in 2017?

Thinking ahead to the New Year and activities in 2017. Will the elevator pitch still be relevant in this rapidly changing world?

Do we like to be pitched at or has that died a death? Let’s look at the problem…

The Problem with Elevator Pitches

  1. Understanding – How are you going to understand their problems without knowing anything about them?
  2. Target Audience – Is it that person you are target or people they know? Wouldn’t it be more effective to find the right people and target them directly?
  3. Assumption – Do people want to be pitched to? Have you assumed that they do?

What else could you do?

  • Build relationships – find creative ways to build relationships with people both online and offline, understand their requirements and then deliver products and services directly to them.
  • Referral partners – So much business could come through referral partners. Knowing who they are and putting together a programme to create referral partners, affiliates and advocated would be a much more effective way to reach your audience.
  • Marketing Automation – Use tools and techniques to teach, educate and inform you audience about what you do and how you are better. Then use this to build relationships and generate leads. There can still be a face to face element but technology can really help you to get close to your audience.

The best networkers that I work with know a secret that most do not. Their target isn’t the people at the networking event… it’s the people that the attendees have within their extended network. Perhaps you’re attending an event with 50 other attendees. Your prospect isn’t in that venue, it’s the thousands of prospects within one word-of-mouth connection outside that venue! How can you build these connections. It’s all about the relationship so the best bet is to ditch the elevator pitch and build strong relationships with your audience and referral partners.