Flying Drone Taxis will be here this summer

Who said it would never take off…

What place better than Dubai to get something like this off the ground quickly. We were thinking that we’d start to see people carrying drones around soon but I much admit I didn’t think this summer would be on the cards. It will be interesting to see how this experience pans out. Check out this video that gives you some insight into how it might work.

Types of AI explained – interesting stuff!


Looks like Hyperloop is final coming to Europe, exciting news!

In Brief

  • Hyperloop Transportation Technologies launched a new deal with Slovakia and the Czech Republic to build a Hyperloop system that will connect Bratislava and Brno.
  • Depending on the engineering team, it’s believed that a Hyperloop could go as fast as 1,200km/h (800 mph) either above or below ground.