Quality over quantity remains important, like all other online content when we talk about copy of an opt-in email. The following are a variety of opt-in email examples and how you can benefit from those:

  1. I will show you how it’s done!
    Example – Are you utilising your full blogging potential?
    Take the quiz to find out.
    Quiz Time- 3 minutes.
Starting an opt-in email with a question raises curiosity amongst the readers and motivates them to find the answer. It engages the users in a fun way where they can learn something about themselves without spending a lot of time. 

2. Worth spending time on
Example – We have mined all the viral content for you, from the deep dungeon of the web!

This style of copy helps in creating imagery in the mind of readers to instantly make it interesting. It states a problem and then also offers a solution. (Don’t waste your time digging for the relevant content when we have it all sorted out for you). It offers value, i.e. content worthy of your time without any unnecessary downloads 

3. Empathetic Email
Example – Is my homemade business going to take off? Am I communicating correctly with my customers? Am I handling an offended customer justly?
Find out here!

This email takes an empathetic approach by asking questions that the audience is likely to ask themselves. It sparks interest in the readers as it creates a customer connect. It offers answers to the questions using call to action. 

4. Jump on the bandwagon
Example- Become a part of the biggest online community of healthcare practitioners. Receive all relevant researches directly into your inbox.

The copy generates an interest to be a part of what “everyone” is doing and also a fear of being left out. 
It offers value by urging the readers to stop wasting time on finding relevant content and instead receive it directly to their inbox. 

5. Easy Solution
Example – 3 simple steps to get likes organically
Enter your email address to watch a video to find out;
– Avoid the most common mistake (using like generating apps)
Stop spending tons of money on ads.
Get a thousand followers every month .

The copy finds a common problem and proposes a solution. (Valuable information is given; all a reader has to do is enter an email address to access the solution). It offers a lead magnet by offering an EASY solution (likes without spending on ads. Yay!)  

If you just observe, all these emails have a few things in common. All of these emails generate curiosity, use relatable language and offer a valuable solution by hitting pain points of readers.

All of which leads to more sign-ups!

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