Amazing Interactive projector that can turn surfaces into a touchscreen

Wow, this looks like an amazing new bit of technology that has uses both at home and in the office.

It can be used on the floor, on walls, anywhere with a flat surface. Check it out:

It’ll be launched this Spring at a price point of… wait for it… £1284. Perhaps we’ll be waiting for the it to drop down a while. Definitely an addition for the office and one for the Christmas list!

Microsoft just released a fully functional, Terminator-style HUD for HoloLens

This is surely what Augmented Reality and the HoloLens have been invented for?

If you’ve grown up following the Terminator series then now is the time you get to live out your fantasy as a terminator! Get yourself a Microsoft HoloLens and then simply follow these instructions from Microsoft.

This is not just a graphical representation of a HUD.

Not only does HoloLens make for a realistic augmented reality (AR) mockup of the T-800 Terminator’s visual field, but the interface can be hooked up to Microsoft Cognitive Services to analyze objects in the physical space.

It can even use face detection. Basically it actually functions.

Really, this is a great way of getting some great PR on AR. If that makes sense. I’ll certainly be giving it a go!


Flying Drone Taxis will be here this summer

Who said it would never take off…

What place better than Dubai to get something like this off the ground quickly. We were thinking that we’d start to see people carrying drones around soon but I much admit I didn’t think this summer would be on the cards. It will be interesting to see how this experience pans out. Check out this video that gives you some insight into how it might work.

New Boston Dynamics Robot is Terrifying Science Fiction Brought to Life

There are some really impressive (although some would say scary) developments in Robotics going on at the moment. Things are moving fast.

Click here to view the Boston Dynamics’ agile new robot Handle is six feet tall, has two front legs and a pair of hind wheels, and can travel roughly 15 miles on a single charge. With its impressive flexibility and balance, Handle is a striking example of how far we have come in the field of robotics.

Here is another couple from the same company. Impressive developments!